Goswami Samaj Mandals
Name President City State View
Dashnam Goswami Samaj Jhajj... Dharmvir Goswami Jhajjer Haryana Details
Goswami Samaj Jhajjer Haryana Dharmvir Goswami Beri Haryana Details
Dashnam Jagat C.L.Gosai Keshod Gujarat Details
Goswami Smaj Deoria (Up) Singasan Giri Deoria Up Details
Dusnaam Yuwa Goswami Mandal... Raju Puri Goswami Udaipur Rajasthan Details
Dashnam Gosavi Mandal Buldh... Digamber .Puri Shegoan Maharashtra Details
Goswami Samaj Bhopal P.N.Giri Bhopal M.P. Details
Shree Dashnam Youth Club (M... Himantgiri C Goswami Madhapar Bhuj Gujrat Details
The Great Goswami Group Mahendar Bharti Jodhpur Rajsthan Details
Sejpuri Rakesh Goswami Nawalgarh Rajasthan Details
Mukesh Goswami Bokda Jalore Mukesh Jalore Rajasthan Details
Shri Dasnam Goswami Yuvak M... Rameshgiri Dayagiri Goswami Ahmedabad Gujarat Details
Shri Bantwa Dasnam Goswami ... Rajupuri Kanpuri Goswami Junagadh Gujarat Details
Lonar Taluka Dashnam Gosavi... Rajesh Puri Lonar Maharashtra Details
Dasnami Goswami Samaj Tamel... Chetangiri Chennai Tamalnadu Details
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All Goswami Samaj Mandals which are working throughout India, for benefit & upliftment of Dashnam Goswami Samaj are requested to send their information including brochure, photos, names of the office bearer, members, forthcoming programmes. We will arrange it properly and display on the website. The aim is to introduce & improve coordination between all of them.

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